Hello Loves!

I am moving all paid classes to my new teaching platform. This is a time consuming process, but I expect to be done by summer 2017. As classes are moved, you will be notified via group message from this network, and I will put the information up in the classroom as well!

So far, the following classes have been moved:

Boot Camp (now available for free, here).

Book Of Days - Facing Forward: Volume I (Check the classroom for the new link!)

Radiant: Faces - (Check the classroom for the new link)

Radiant: Art Journals - (Check the classroom for the new link)

Book Of Days: Ordinary Beauty - (Check the classroom for the new link)

All free classes in this network will be removed as soon as the move is complete. If there is stuff you want in those classes, please download them as soon as possible.

There are free classes in the new network! Please join us here.

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