Jeanette Montero

Hello, My name is Jeanette Montero
I am the proud mother of 4 wonderful children (ages 18-24) and wife to my loving husband and best friend of 25 years. We live in Las Vegas, NV.
I am a mixed media artist because I choose not to settle on one medium when I can enjoy them all!  Only recently have I embraced the title "artist" although, looking back, it seems I have been an apprentice all my life. From the sewing lessons my grandmother taught me when I was a child,  through to art school at the Art Institute of Chicago (studied interior architecture), to studying the works of my favorite artists in museums and galleries and learning from the online world from fellow artists and teachers who are so generous in sharing their secrets... Definitely far from self taught, but I am self-motivated.

Every day I wake up  eager to learn and grow as an artist. My work is the culmination of all those who have touched my life in some way. I find inspiration in Jesus, songs and flowers. I love bold colors, patterns, textures and art supplies. My passion is the joy I feel when I'm is such a blessing from God. My mission is to share and celebrate that joy. If I can help or entice you into tapping into your creative genius, then... YEAY!!!

Come...Let's explore together...

You can find me here:




*This art reflects the artist's style, but is not the exact piece she will be teaching in Radiant II.